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David Walker, Secretary General, IADI, expressed appreciation to KDIF

Mr. David Walker, Secretary General, International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) addressed an official appreciation letter to KDIF in regard to successful organization by KDIF of the International Technical Seminar & Conference “Core Principles for the Effective Deposit Insurance Systems and Islamic Deposit Insurance”. The event was organized by KDIF in cooperation with IADI was held in Almaty on September 4 – 5, 2017.

Mr. Walker underlined that IADI noted continued active participation of KDIF in the IADI events and activities since KDIF had become an IADI member back in May, 2003, as well as continual striving towards meeting the internationally recognized standard, the Core Principles for the Effective Deposit Insurance Systems, the efforts and achievements of KDIF being formally acknowledged during the IADI Annual Meeting 2015 awarding KDIF as Deposit Insurance Organization of the Year 2015 for achievements in problem bank resolution and payout processes.

Mr. Walker added that during the last two years KDIF continued the effort towards the improvement of its operations. Particularly, KDIF conducted self-assessment in regard of compliance with the international standards and then, later on, engaged the World Bank as an advisor for independent assessment. Mr. Walker complimented KDIF on its initiative to undertake such exercises and, flowing from that, KDIF’s willingness to make use of the recommendations that had been made.

Mr. Walker also noted that IADI was looking forward to working with KDIF and witnessing the future growth of KDIF, thus contributing to national, regional and global financial stability.

The International Technical Seminar & Conference “Core Principles for the Effective Deposit Insurance Systems, And Islamic Deposit Insurance” took place in Almaty, Kazakhstan on September 4 – 5. The event was conducted by Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund in cooperation with IADI, International Association of Deposit Insurers. The event consolidated senior executives and recognized experts in the deposit insurance industry from across 15 jurisdictions, including the representatives of Deposit Insurance Agency of Russia, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC, USA), as well as the participants from among the CIS countries, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Jordan, Poland, and Bulgaria. National Bank of Kazakhstan was represented by Mr. Oleg Smolyakov, Deputy Governor, and Mr. Sabit Khakimzhanov, Director of Financial Stability Department. Mr. Bissengali Tajiyakov, member of KDIF Board of Directors honored as Distinguished Worker in The Financial Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also attended the event. IADI was represented by Mr. David Walker, Secretary General, Mr. Vijay Deshpande, IADI Advisor, and Mr. Nikolay Remchukov, Research Analyst of the IADI Secretariat.

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