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Understanding deposit insurance
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From 7 to10 December, 2014, the management, officers and specialists of the Azerbaijan Deposit Insurance Fund (the ADIF) visited Almaty to take part in the technical seminar “Risk-based funding of the deposit insurance system”.

The ADIF is considering implementation of the differential premium system in funding of the Azerbaijani deposit insurance system. A differential premium system is based on assessment of risks inherent to any single bank and assignment of differential rates to premiums of that bank according to the determined risk level.

During the technical seminar the management and employees of the KDIF and the ADIF discussed many practical issues in development and implementation of the differential premium system. In parallel, the parties discussed the issues specific to development, support and administration of information systems and specialized software designed to automate the corresponding calculations’ process.

In Kazakhstan, one of the main sources for funding of the deposit insurance system (DIS) is premiums paid by the DIS member-banks, the KDIF’s special reserve being accumulated on an ex-ante basis. The KDIF completed transition to the differential premium system in 2007. The current “BATA” Differential Premium System comprises a range of indicators designed to comprehensively assess the bank’s financial position, including capital adequacy, quality and concentration of assets, earnings on banking operations and liquidity of assets. Additional indicators to be taken into account are corporate governance practices assessment scores and the classification group ratings assigned in previous periods.

To date, the KDIF’s coverage extends over  individuals’ deposits, including current and card accounts, placed with all 37 commercial member-banks which are licensed for accepting individuals’ deposits, opening and maintaining bank accounts of individuals, excluding Islamic banks.

At the end of 2014, the KDIF’s accumulated special reserve balance for making payouts to insured depositors composed 205.7 billion tenge.

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